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Styling for sale – on a budget

What does a photo tell you? A lot if you are hoping to sell your house. With the widespread use of home stylists in property, the competition has never been stronger if you’re a vendor trying to catch buyers’ interest. This was fairly evident from the winning twin sisters apartment on the Block Sky High. I believe, as did the judges and buyers that Alyssa and Lysandra’s apartment was styled to perfection for auction day.

If you are styling your own property for sale, paying attention to the small details could make all the difference in how good your property looks in the marketing images – and how many people you manage to attract to your open homes.

Room-by-room styling tips


  • Lawns should be green and leaves should be raked. Plants and lawn edges should be trimmed. If you have lots of pots, consider grouping them together and tuck away any that are a bit unsightly.
  • Check outdoor blinds and shutters for any loose ropes, frays or anything that makes them look worn.
  • Add furniture to outdoor entertaining areas if you don’t have any to show their potential. I lent my friend an outdoor chair and table and it transformed her back patio from a vacant space into an area you could sit and read a book, or enjoy a cup of tea.

Bathroom / Toilet

  • Remove all clutter – including shampoo bottles and toothpaste containers.
  • Remember to clean the windows and mirror.
  • Clean the grout and consider refreshing it – there are plenty of products that help grout look renewed without actually regrouting.
  • Add new-looking towels.
  • Pack away the garbage bin and toilet brush out of sight.

Kitchen / dining

  • Generally you can put away all small appliances – not having a toaster, kettle etc on the bench lets buyers see how big the bench spaces are.
  • Add some fruit or flowers for colour.
  • If you have overhead benches that you sit things on top of, remove that clutter.
  • Pack away all visible power cords – or bunch excess cord with rubber bands out of site.
  • Remove magnets and pictures from the front of the fridge
  • If your dining table is clutter with a lot of chairs, or has oversized chairs, consider removing some of them or swapping in smaller chairs from a friend during your sales campaign.

Lounge room

  • One of the biggest problems in lounge rooms is that they can be too cluttered with furniture, either blocking the path through or making the room appear small.
  • Take my friends Sue’s house. They have big comfy lounge chairs that are great to sit in but take up lots of space. We solved the problem by removing one of the single lounge chairs altogether and pushing another snugly into a corner.
  • We also tucked away all power cords and put the set-top box, which had been sitting on top of the television, out of sight.
  • The living room carpet was in particular need of cleaning, and some daggy ‘70s lights had already been swapped out for a simple light fixture.
  • The room certainly didn’t look as swish as a professional stylist would have made it, but the simple changes made it look big and open – perfect for the young family market that the house is being aimed at.

If you would like some professional advice on how to best present your property for sale please don’t hesitate to give me, Ben Jackson a call on 0419 375 285.

We have a good selection of homes open for inspection this weekend. We look forward to seeing you out there.

Hope to see you on the Coast this weekend.

Kind regards,

Geoff Bennett & Ben Jackson

Open For Inspection This Weekend

Saturday 3rd August, 20113

11.00am – 11.30am  38 St Georges Way, Torquay

12.00pm – 12.30pm   11 Gleneagles Close, Torquay

1.00pm – 1.30pm  52 St Georges Way, Torquay

2.00 pm – 2.30pm  2/29 Spring Street, Torquay

2.00pm – 2.30pm  2 Marner Close, Jan Juc

3.00pm – 3.3opm  29 Eton Road, Torquay

Sunday 4th August, 2013

12.00pm – 12.30pm  16 Casuarina Avenue, Jan Juc

2.00pm – 2.30pm  6 Point Close, Torquay

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Geoff Bennett 0458 513 860

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